10 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing A Dentist

The health of our teeth and mouth is associated to the general health of our body in various ways. The ability to chew our food is very important to acquire the necessary nutrients we need for a good health. Besides this, poor dental health can also have adverse effect on our speech and self-esteem. It becomes compulsory for us to spare sometime for a health check-up. More than this, it is also important to be in touch with the right dentist who understands your dental health and diseases and suggests the right kind of treatment. You can ask the following questions on your first visit to a dentist to understand his capabilities:

1. What is the experience of the dentist?

The number of years the dentist has been practicing dentistry will help you to know how successful has he been in his profession. With this information you will know whether you should trust him for your dental health or not.

2. What are the charges for dental check-ups and cavity fillings?

It is important to know how much amount will you be paying for your treatment. If the cost is not really something that you can afford, you might want to approach another dentist.

3. Whether the dentist will be part of your health insurance plan?

This question will help you know the extent to which the dentist will be able to further assist you in filing documents towards health insurance and mediclaim reimbursements.

4. How will the payment be disbursed?

This is important to ask in order to understand the fees, schedule and method of payment before you decide to opt for the services of a particular dentist.

5. What are the specializations of the dentist?

You can ask him this question to know if he can actually solve your problem. Depending upon the specialization the dentist could be an expert in endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, periodontics and pediatric dentistry.

6. What are the arrangements made to tackle emergency situations?

This will let you know whom and how to approach in case when the dental clinic is closed or when the dentist has a weekly off.

7. What are the working hours of the dental clinic?

It is important to know the working hours of a dental clinic so that you can contact them and take an appointment for a check-up.

8. What is the contact information of the dentist?

In times of emergency, it is vital to have the contact number of the dentist. You might be facing a severe problem in your teeth which would need immediate attention. If you have the contact number you will be able to get in touch with the dentist quickly.

9. Where is the clinic situated?

A higher proximity of the clinic from your home means you will not face any time and distance constraints for getting the right treatment for your teeth.

10. Are there any follow-up visits provided?

A dental clinic that offers follow-up visits offers a chance for quick recovery of your dental health with utmost precision and care. Hence this question must also be part of your question bank.